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rat. The ox was one of the earliest domesticated animals, serving as a crucial agricultural tool before the creation of machines. As many as 2500 years ago, Chinese people made oxen plow the fields, meaning humans no longer had to perform such a laborious task. The ox's image as a faithful and reliable friend of humans has been immortalized in numerous legends. The most well-known one in China is the love story of "Niu Lang and Zhi Nv", or" the ▓Cowherd and the Girl Weaver."Bai Dacheng, Folk Artist, ▓said, "In the tale of the Cowherd and the Girl Weave

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r", the old ox sacrifices his own life so that Cowhe▓rd can dress in his skin to fly to the sky and meet his ▓wife who has been banished to the heavens. The story represe▓nts a typical image of the ox that has long been rooted in Chinese people's minds. Whether in folklore or in▓ artifacts, the ox has been portrayed as a dedicated and docile animal." The Chinese animal signs form a 12-year cycle used to date the years. They represent a c▓yclical concept of time, rather than the Western line▓ar concept of ti

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me.Related Video:Chinese mainland actres▓s Sun Li attended a photography exhibition for str▓ay animals, titled a "Take Me Home," at the Xidan Joy City shopping center in Beijing on Friday.Beijing is the first stop for the exhibition's national tour, which advocates▓ public concerns for stray animals.Various photos, presen▓ting abandoned dogs and cats, Sun Li nurturing animals, and photos from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Hong Kong, were displayed a▓t the exhibition.Sun's photo al

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bum, with the same name of "T▓ake Me Home," was released at the opening as well. The bo▓ok tells several touching stories between the actre▓ss and those pitiful animals.Sun signed autographs for fans▓ and donated all the proceeds from the sales of five hundred her albums to Beijing Human and Animal En▓vironmental Education Center for stray animal rescue.Disney fashions a modern-day icon of girl power with its animated adaptation of the 2,000-year-old Chinese folktale Mulan in 1998, which awed the viewers f

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